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We communicate beauty: the artist Corrado Veneziano has chosen Creative Intelligence as media partner for his "Visse d'Arte"

An immersion in art and music gave life to an event in the heart of Bari during the FAI Spring Days of 2024. Our agency was chosen as media partner of "Visse d'Arte", an extraordinary art exhibition curated by the artist Corrado Veneziano, dedicated to the illustrious composer Giacomo Puccini.

Corrado Veneziano - Visse d'Arte a Bari

The event, within the setting of Palazzo Starita in Bari, represented a tribute to Puccini's musical and cultural legacy, transforming visual art into a living dialogue with his eternal music. Creative Intelligence took a central role in the promotion and immersive experience of the exhibition, organizing a multi-channel strategic communication that involved both the public who visited the exhibition and the global one. From the first announcement to the final report, we managed communication on various platforms, from online press to social media. Every aspect of the event was carefully curated to ensure deep, emotional and meaningful audience involvement.

One of the most surprising innovations was the conception and implementation of a unique interactive experience for visitors. Each painting on display was accompanied by a dedicated web page, created by Creative Intelligence in collaboration with the artist himself. Through the use of QR codes placed next to each work, the public was invited to explore exclusive insights into the work, including the artist's personal impressions. This fusion of traditional art and modern technology made the exhibition experience even more engaging and accessible.

Corrado Veneziano - Visse d'Arte a Bari

Furthermore, our photographic staff captured the essence of the event through the production of photographic and video material made to be shared and make Corrado Veneziano's works accessible to anyone. Every significant moment was immortalized and communicated across various digital platforms, bringing the emotion and beauty of the exhibition to an even wider audience.

"Visse d'Arte" with Creative Intelligence was not simply an exhibition but an experience that transcendentally united visual art and music, past and present, tradition and innovation. Thanks to the partnership with our agency, the event has reached new heights of excellence and left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Puglia and beyond.


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