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The Goal Academy in Puglia with Dennis van den IJssel, Ingrid de Croon and Mirko Moramarco

The Apulian stage of the Goal Academy project is an initiative aimed at the professional training of young children and teenagers in the football sector. The event, directed by Mirko Moramarco, took place in Modugno and saw the enthusiastic participation of numerous children, instructors and parents.

The Palmiotta municipal field in Modugno hosted an intensive football course dedicated to children and teenagers aged 9 to 15. The training sessions (all sold out in a few days), again led by Dennis van den IJssel, saw a large participation especially from young people from the province of Bari. The event was welcomed with enthusiasm, receiving extremely positive feedback. positive from both the children and their parents. Local instructors also expressed great appreciation for the initiative, recognizing the added value brought by an experience of this level.

An element of great prestige was the presence of Ingrid de Croon, owner of the Meforyo Sportsmanagement agency, football agent authorized by FIFA and ex Team Manager of the FC Twente U11 & U13 team. His participation represented a unique opportunity for all those present, given his vast experience in international talent scouting. Ingrid de Croon has been committed to discovering and promoting young talents in the world of football for many years, and her speech added invaluable value to the event.

The goal of the Goal Academy, supported by the international experience of Mirko Moramarco, is to bring events of this caliber to the Apulian territory, opening up new opportunities for growth and development for young local talents. Our vision is to create a bridge between the Apulian football reality and the international panorama, offering young people not only high-level training, but also the possibility of being discovered and valued.

The first day of the event ended with Dennis van den IJssel's coach clinic, held at the Carlo Perrone Library in Modugno. This exclusive seminar was reserved for instructors and coaches from the province of Bari and beyond, offering a unique opportunity to learn and discuss with an internationally renowned expert. The clinic provided valuable insights and advanced methodologies, helping to raise the level of local football training and saw the participation of Councilor Tiziana Trentadue of the Municipality of Modugno..

The success of this Apulian stage is only the beginning of a journey that aims to involve more and more young people and spread an excellent football culture in our region. We are proud to have contributed to such a significant event and we are determined to continue on this path, carrying forward the Goal Academy project with passion and dedication.

For further information on the next steps and initiatives, we invite you to follow our official channels. Special thanks go to all those who participated and made this extraordinary event possible.


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