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Reportage Pope Francis in Bari

Mediterranean, frontier of peace

On the occasion of Pope Francis' visit to Bari "Mediterranean, frontier of peace", Civil Protection Puglia has chosen to rely on Creative Intelligence for a photo reportage service for indoor coordination activities and events in the heart of the city of Bari.

We followed the operations of the Puglia Civil Protection staff within the municipal operations center, highlighting the human capital involved during an event with a significant local impact.

The photo reportage service then continued in the field, on the street, during the event itself. The result was more than just a folder of photos to be archived. We have carried out a support work with discretion and professionalism, both during the preliminary activities and during the course of the event. We recounted an experience of union, participation and dynamic activity between the personnel of the Puglia Civil Protection, the other bodies responsible for guaranteeing security and public order and the many people who came for the event. This is our way of understanding an excellent photo reportage service: telling that story, at that moment, in images to those who want to immortalize its memory and its scope to relive it later in time.


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