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Prato Bakery

two hearts of Tuscany in the heart of New Jersey

We are fortunate to love our work.

this is why we are able to tell a flavor, to immortalize a perfume, to tell talent on video. And when it comes to food, it is essential that all this reaches the viewer.

To take care of this project closely, we flew to New York to dedicate our mind and body to the project of Simone and Teresa, ambitious Tuscan entrepreneurs who started with the idea of opening an Italian bakery in the States (il Cantuccio, in 2011, after only 4 years have replicated their business in New Jersey with Prato Bakery) and have come to sell their excellent bakery products through a very clicked online shop.

An example of a Family business in which everyone does their part and does it perfectly!

Teresa manages the relationship with the public, takes care of the social communication of the activity and event organization; Simone personally takes care of the production of cantucci and schiacciate with a team of collaborators who strictly adhere to the Italian and Tuscan gastronomic school.

Simone also personally takes care of a fundamental aspect in an activity like theirs, namely that of interfacing with Italian suppliers to import only 100% Made in Italy raw materials and products, a symbol and guarantee of Italian gastronomic excellence in the world.

Cantucci and schiacciata are the strengths of this Italian shop rich in tradition and goodness and the result is an entrepreneurial story of resourcefulness, talent and success, not only in 371 4th street (corner of Newark avenue) in Jersey City or 201 Washington street (corner of 2nd street) in Hoboken (the current two physical locations of Prato Bakery).

Because when the product is excellent and whoever communicates it manages to convey that quality, that passion and that taste of good things ... success is just a click away wherever you are.

For Prato Bakery we created the website, e-commerce, visual and tactical design and the logo. We have produced a video and photo shooting service able to tell what can happen in a small Italian shop in New York and how it is possible to make it a brand thanks to communication with the right channels, the right words and the right images.

From 2015 (year of opening) to today, Prato Bakery has become the reference point for Italian-style leisure preferred by New Yorkers but not only. Thanks to the functional and fast e-commerce, Simone's shop bakes and ships its multi-flavored cantucci literally everywhere in solutions suitable for any need (and any level of gluttony).

When they ask us if it is possible to convey the quality of a product through digital communication, we have no doubts: it is possible to do much more, it is possible to imagine an experience of pure pleasure.


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