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Creative Intelligence media partner of "Visse d'Arte", Giornata FAI Primavera 2024 Puglia (Bari)

A Journey Among Puccini's Notes through the Paintings of the artist Corrado Veneziano on the occasion of Giornata FAI Primavera 2024 Puglia (Bari)

In the heart of Bari, an event of extraordinary artistic relevance is preparing to unveil a unique tribute to Giacomo Puccini, the famous composer whose musical legacy continues to resonate over time. With great pride, we have chosen to be media partners of this chapter of the FAI Spring Days which, with the Fondo Ambiente Italiano, brings to the stage "Visse d'Arte", an exceptional exhibition of pictorial works curated by the artist Corrado Veneziano.

In this world premiere, "Visse d'Arte" is presented with the support and patronage of the Puccini National Committee and the Italian Government, testifying to the official recognition of the extraordinary connection between Puccini's creations and the world of visual art. Coinciding with the centenary of Maestro Puccini's death, the exhibition offers the public a fascinating selection of paintings inspired by the composer's twelve famous operas.

After their debut in Bari, Corrado Veneziano's works will undertake a journey across Italy and beyond the border, finally arriving at the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca on 29 November. It is a symbolic date, as it marks the centenary of the death of Puccini, whose musical genius continues to inspire and fascinate music lovers around the world.

Corrado Veneziano's art is distinguished by an intense figurative tension that permeates every canvas exhibited. Through his features, he evokes iconic places such as Rome, Paris, Nagasaki and Beijing, immersing the viewer in evocative atmospheres. The protagonists of Puccini's works, especially the female figures such as Tosca, Turandot, Manon, La Fanciulla del West and Madame Butterfly, come to life through the artist's distinctive passages, taking root in the collective imagination with a timeless force.

What makes Veneziano's canvases unique is the constant presence of parallel horizontal lines, which evoke pentagrams and musical scores. These elements, light and ethereal, almost seem to fade into the composition, but at the same time they proudly carry the complex artistic suggestions of Giacomo Puccini. It is an artistic homage that blends the visual and musical arts into a single emotional and vibrant masterpiece.

"Visse d'Arte" (23 and 24 March 2024) is curated by Francesca Barbi Marinetti, while the organization and international relations are entrusted to Cinzia Guido and Iacovelli and Partners. Thanks to the collaboration of these talented professionals, the exhibition promises to be an extraordinary experience for all those who wish to immerse themselves in Puccini's artistic universe through the visionary eyes of Corrado Veneziano.



Saturday: 10am - 8pm (last entry 7.30pm)

Sunday: 10.00am - 1.30pm / 3.30pm - 8.30pm (last entry 8.00pm)


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