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Borghino Guitars: high craftsmanship and design come together to give life to unique musical instrum

We met Mirko on the occasion of the 2020 Las Vegas Big Boys Toys fair. His production of unique handcrafted guitars in the world immediately captured us in the style and excellence of each single piece.

He graduated in 2000 with honors from the Civica Scuola di lutherie del Comune di Milano presenting as a thesis a reconstruction of Franco Cerri's Gibson L-5 for which, in 2015, he created a Signature model. He divides his time between teaching violin making and building instruments on commission in his workshop in Desenzano del Garda (BS) Italy.

Among his most famous productions we mention that of 2016, the year in which Mirko Borghino created a new Shakti model for the famous guitarist John Mclaughlin, taking advantage of his experience in different types of instruments.

He has dedicated several years to studying and researching how to improve the iconic guitar while leaving its soul intact but improving it.

Among his most iconic guitars is the Miraggio Portoro

A truly unique guitar in the world.

It is the first Archtop guitar made partially of marble that can be handled and played easily.

The main challenge was to obtain a perfect synergy between different skills, arts and crafts such as violin making, engineering, architecture, stonemasonry, jewellery, the art of engraving and design.

Today Mirko Borghino is synonymous with craftsmanship, refinement and uniqueness in the musical instrument sector. He returns to Las Vegas after his first participation in 2019 with an exhibition dedicated to music lovers but not only. Its production made up of unique pieces in the world is an irresistible attraction for all collectors of the luxury world.


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