Real Queen 
|tabletop game

When 2019 - 2020

Where Puglia - Bari


Services photo | tactical design | web | branding | video

Category Retail | Professional


We have dedicated ourselves with passion to a project born in Puglia and made for those who love to have fun with board games : Real Queen . More than just a game, it is a business idea based on the passion of its creator ( Leonardo Catano ) for the game of marbles and for the gaming market in general.

Communicating with a niche audience like that of board games means entering the dynamics, registers and channels of those who are passionate about the sector. And we did it by putting in place multidirectional strategies to intercept the right audience with the right content.

For Real Queen we took care of ...

Brand Identity
Rule number one is to make yourself recognizable.
We designed and produced the official brand with a strong identity personality capable of guiding the entire coordinated image of the project. We have dedicated ourselves to the study of her identity, in fact, selecting a palette of strong colors suitable for a Queen.
The whole brand image has been aligned in terms of consistency with the brand, with the product and with the type of audience.

Website + ecommerce
The distribution of a product and the ease of purchase by customers is essential.
Real Queen Game is an absolute novelty in its sector, which is why we have decided to bring the product closer to the end user through a direct sale through the ecommerce platform. The shopping experience is intuitive and convenient even from mobile for an immediate and rewarding purchasing process.

Gadget design

Customer loyalty is emotionally binding them to the product or service. We have made the official Real Queen game t- shirts in a limited and collectible edition for fans of the sector.

Photo and video
When a product is new, communicating it to the public through captivating images and videos is of fundamental importance for the success of the project. For Real Queen Game we made all the official shooting both for the products to be included in the ecommerce and for the online presence.

We followed the artistic direction of each shooting, characterizing them with elements of strong appeal to the territory and the gaming experience. The creator was involved in every phase of the project; we strongly believe in adherence between person and product / service and with Real Queen in combination game-creator it continues at the same time both in communication and in the image of the project. This is why we have created a presentation video entirely centered on the product and on the manufacturer through a clear, exhaustive but decidedly "personal" language.

We started working on the Real Queen project when it came to an idea.
We focused on communicating the story around the product and the whole creative process. We have communicated the evolution of each phase of realization, we have used the official mascot (Betty Queen) to give life and soul to the product, providing it with personality and recognition. We did it through various variations and specific channels for such a particular audience and sector.

Social Media Marketing
The world of the board game is by its nature closely linked to the sense of community and sharing. This is why we have chosen to direct the social communication of the entire project towards the communities. Through a preventive analysis of the best usable channels, we have selected transversal catchment areas, from the most well-known and numerous communities to the most specific, niche ones, while maintaining the same personality and identity character of the entire project.