Ministero Riforme Costituzionali
|Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

When 2013

Where  Roma 


Services web | tactical design 

Category Government


On behalf of the Italian Government we have created the website of the Department of Constitutional Reforms , during the dicastery of the Minister for Constitutional Reforms Gaetano Quagliariello.


The website was created in full compliance with the new guidelines for the design of web services in the Public Administration.


Creative Intelligence oversaw the entire design and executive development phase of the website, as well as the dedicated graphic design.


Carrying out this work made us particularly proud because we believe that the constitutional reform processes in our country cannot circumvent the strategic question of the digital transformation of institutions and the PA. A more modern country, leaner from an institutional point of view, leader in Europe in digitization processes.


In this sense, the public consultation on constitutional reforms, promoted by the Minister for Constitutional Reforms, constituted a fundamental opportunity for Italian citizens to participate in the reform process of our country. Through the website of the Department for Constitutional Reforms, valuable information was provided on the dynamics and contents of the institutional work.


Even so, thanks to the digital revolution, citizens are reconnecting with politics and democratic institutions.