We participated in the Dubai Bride Show, the largest wedding trade fair in the Arab world, flew with Emirates Airlines, discovered the city of Dubai, attended the "Invest and Bride in UAE" workshops.

IWS Dubai 2015 | Post Event Report

When the experience for Italian entrepreneurs in Dubai becomes an opportunity

Each trip hides an opportunity within itself, some however hide many and our passion is to identify them and make them reality. In 2015 we visited the UAE's largest wedding themed fair: the Dubai Bride Show.


We have accompanied and supported our partners at all times who have chosen Creative Intelligence to ensure a profitable journey, guided by the experience of our local and international team from the fair to the most important new contacts to make, from themed meetings reserved to the unprecedented visit of the Dubai city.

The experience in Dubai with Creative intelligence consists of three macro-moments:

Exhibit , or the visit and exhibition at the Fair, inside the most interesting stands based on the business of the partners we support

Workshop , or training opportunities to enter the right logic of local business


Experience , that is the moment in which to get to know the territory and make yourself known also through direct demonstrations


The Creative Intelligence group has its contacts in Dubai ; this is why, thanks to our experts already present and rooted in the territory, it is immediately easier for our partners to immerse themselves in a guided and profitable experience able to immediately point to the right channels and the right people with whom to interface to grow o start your business idea within such a profitable context for innovative ideas ready to be successful .


The "Dubai Bride Show"
25 - 28 Marzo 2015

On the occasion of the "Dubai Bride Show" we were the creators of the Italy stand , shared with our partners


The largest wedding trade fair in the Emirates; an event capable of offering great business opportunities.

The Dubai Fair is the place where the dreams of the most enterprising entrepreneurs come true.
The Exhibit with Creative Intelligence is the moment in which you enter a fruitful and prosperous context directly from the main door, displaying your products or services in prestigious stands with attention to every detail. The partners who decide to leave with us are well aware of this by giving themselves an unparalleled opportunity.


The BRIDE Show is the most successful sales market for the wedding , fashion and lifestyle industry in the Middle East. We accompanied our partners in every moment of this experience, supporting them in their interactions with local entrepreneurs and exhibitors to facilitate the birth of new businesses and to document (thanks to our technical photo and video team) the experience in Dubai, which is important for the construction and affirmation of one's professional image .


"Bride in UAE" workshop


Sarah Feyling - The wedding in the Arab world

"Invest in UAE" Workshop


Giovanni Battista Martelli - Legal and fiscal aspects to face in order to do business in the United Arab Emirates

meeting_studiomartelli (5).jpg

Sarah Feyling, the most important wedding planner in the Middle East, founder and director of Couture Events.

Creative Intelligence Workshops are moments of high professional training . Based on the sector of interest of our partners, we organize training full immersions held by the leading local experts in the sector .


It is the best way to enter the logic of the Emirate business but not only; during the workshops it is possible to meet with experienced professionals, capable of transmitting their own successful experience with passion and dedication.


On the occasion of IWS Dubai 2015 we had the opportunity to compare our partners specifically interested in the wedding theme, directly with Sarah Feyling , a pioneer in her field as a leading wedding planner in the Middle East , within a private event .


Attorney Giovanni Battista Martelli is a senior managing partner of the Martelli & Partners law firm

The Creative Intelligence Workshop moment was further enriched by a very useful training moment for all our partners: the themed meeting "Investing in the United Arab Emirates" by Avv. Martelli who provided advice and issued legal advice to our partners interested in starting new business activities in Dubai .

Knowing how and where to move in the right way is fundamental in a context so different from ours, choosing to be supported and accompanied by professionals in the sector means to arrive better and sooner within a circuit of opportunities that can be achieved successfully even in the short term .



Marzo 2015

Metti il luce il tuo business nel cuore di Dubai. Grazie ai nostri referenti locali conosci il territorio e ti fai conoscere, qualunque sia il tuo prodotto o servizio.

Jumeirah_tour_dubai (3).jpg

FRUIT DESIGN by Chef Nicola De Luca, Bridal & Beauty Theater a space inside the fair, dedicated to experts in the wedding sector.

The Experience Creative Intelligence moment is the right one to interact with the territory and present your business in person. Whatever your product or service, immerse yourself in a professional major experience. Our team will follow you to document, through the production of professional multimedia material , your experience in Dubai.

Our partner Chef Nicola De Luca has literally enchanted the visitors of the fair and the insiders with his technical skills and with his innate creativity applied to his professional sector, that of food. Inside the Bridal & Beauty Theater, she gave full use to her talent with fascinating hand-made fruit sculptures. For him a riot of flashes and amazement.


Show cooking with CHEF DE LUCA at The Oberoj Hotel in Dubai, an elegant and refined 5-star luxury hotel overlooking the Burj Khalifa.

His Experience Creative Intelligence continued inside one of the kitchens of the famous Hotel “The Oberoi - Dubai” proposing an Italian recipe typical of the Apulian cuisine: “Orecchiette with turnip tops” .


Capital of the United Arab Emirates, a
place full of luxury.

Experience is also visiting the city, not with a simple tourist approach but purely cultural and professional .
We visited Dubai and its wonders including the Burj Khalifa , the tallest building in the world, Jumeirah with its wonderful tourist villages, the Dubai Mall and the historic Souk , the "gold and spice market".

We have guaranteed highly professional video and photographic material to all our partners, to be exploited on their social channels and websites to document the travel experience within a magical and profitable context for every type of business. Accompanying your image with high-impact content means building a complete business card that knows how to talk about you and the exclusive experience lived as a protagonist in Dubai , the capital of business, to your customers and competitors even when you are not physically present to tell it .

The trailer

An experience like this brings with it many expectations . And however high they may be, living certain moments in certain places and seeing before your eyes the realization of opportunities that suddenly seem so concrete , feasible and close is always above all imaginable expectations .

The film

Nothing can explain the change , of vision and opportunity, which comes from an experience so immersive and complete in a context as flourishing and flourishing as that of the heart of Dubai. There is only one way to be part of it: to participate as protagonists.

We are ready to show you what happened in our 2015 business travel together with the partners who have decided to rely on Creative Intelligence to make the most of their business opportunities with great certainty: when you return from an experience like this you look at the world (and the market) with eyes, different perspectives and objectives.

The partners

Special thanks go to our partners for believing in our Group and in the potential of our best professional, technical and creative support.