Gaetano Quagliariello
|Senatore della Repubblica Italiana

When 2014

Where Rome - Italy


Services photo | video | web

Category  Government


We created the website of the Senator of the Italian Republic Gaetano Quagliariello , former Minister for Constitutional Reforms during the Letta government.


Today, Italian politicians communicate a lot on social media but when a voter wants to find out about the biography, skills and program of a political personality, a tweet alone is not enough.


Creating well-indexed websites on search engines such as Google, working on SEO-optimized content , offering mobile-friendly platforms that can be navigated perfectly from all devices, is a strategic choice for those who decide to make politics.


Gaetano Quagliariello 's website was created in full compliance with the indications provided by the client. Creative Intelligence took care of the entire design, the executive development phase of the site including the graphic design, the updating of the platform and its maintenance also in terms of IT security.


Senator Quagliarello's website has been enriched with original photographic services optimized in post-production. A calendar has been implemented on the site to promptly inform citizens and voters about the Senator's political activities. Tools and widgets have been developed to integrate the website to social channels, to the newsletter, to recruit volunteers and to mobilize the consensus base in the area.


Creative Intelligence specializes in web analytics, to monitor visitor traffic trends for a website. In this way it is possible to modulate a personalized political communication strategy, in line with the messages and slogans of the client, even in a remarketing key.