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Samadhi Group

Wellbeing is an experience that begins online


2011 - 2016

Bari | Italy

web | tactical design | video | Photo | Advertising

Beauty & Wellness

Samadhi Group

Samadhi Group è un punto di riferimento nel settore del benessere e delle SPA. Insieme, abbiamo dato vita a un viaggio creativo che ha reso tangibile l'essenza e l'identità di tre realtà aziendali accomunate dallo stesso mood: Samadhi Energy, Samadhi Goopal e Samadhi Samsara.

Graphics and Tactical Design

Creating the logo for each of the Samadhi Group entities was the starting point of an intense and focused creative process. We have worked to convey through design the elegance, tranquility and spirituality that characterize the world of well-being. The coordinated declinations for the various contexts and uses have guaranteed coherence and cohesion in every facet of visual communication.

In addition to the logo, we have shaped a high-impact coordinated image through promotional materials, signage and graphics both online and offline. Each element has been carefully curated to ensure a strong and recognizable visual presence, capable of capturing the attention of the target audience.

Photo and Video Our team of photographers and videographers have captured the essence of Samadhi wellness centers through professional photography and videography services. The images and videos obtained have enriched online communication on websites and social networks, offering the public an authentic and engaging perspective of the experiences offered.

With the external communication of such engaging visual content, the public was literally captured by the atmosphere communicated, generating important conversions already in the startup phase. Web development With our team of web developers we have developed three separate websites for each of the Samadhi Group entities. Each site was conceived as a unique point of reference, reflecting the identity and peculiarities of the respective business, while maintaining a graphic coherence that united the three entities like a virtual red thread. Each platform was accompanied by explanatory, clear and complete text content to present a truly exhaustive and panoramic picture of the entire service proposal relating to each individual activity. Advertising: The Christmas holidays were the perfect opportunity to create a coordinated promotional project that aroused emotions and involvement. Through a combination of creativity and sensitivity, we created a fun and creative visual experience combining the two most iconic characters of the secular holiday season perfectly contextualized with the client's business.

The result was online and paper communication (signage and roll-up) which pleasantly surprised and intrigued the public with excellent conversion results

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