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Academia Linguistica Internacional


2023 - 2024

Web | Foto | Video | SEO | Tactical Design

Academia Linguistica Internacional

For Academia Lingüistica Internacional we communicate the value of certified training that can be used all over the world. Thanks to a team of highly qualified teachers and a serene and inclusive environment, the ALI Acedemia of Barletta is the point of reference for anyone who wants to invest profitably in their academic and professional future. We take care of every aspect of their official public communication in accordance with the school calendar and with the largest events in which the school participates (from deliveries of parchments to official meetings open to teachers and school directors).

Photo & Video

The photographic and video production activity for the Academia Lingüística Internacional represented a unique opportunity to capture the essence and vitality of this leading educational reality. Through a careful and sensitive gaze, we have captured not only the beauty of the environments of the school's physical structure, but also the energy and enthusiasm that permeate its activities.

The photos of the facility offer a detailed and incisive look at the spaces that welcome students every day, reflecting the attention to detail and welcoming environment that characterize the Academia Lingüística Internacional.

The video and photo reports during important events, such as the parchment delivery ceremonies and official meetings, made it possible to capture the moments of celebration and sharing that dot the life of the school. Through vivid images and compelling videos, we were able to convey the importance of these moments for the school community, highlighting the commitment and dedication of staff to promoting educational excellence.

Our photography and video production team helped highlight the Academia Lingüística Internacional, showing it at its best and conveying the essence of its educational mission.

Web SIte

The website development work for the Academia Lingüística Internacional represents a dedicated commitment to offering users a complete and accessible experience. Through careful and targeted design, we have created a digital environment that reflects the school's identity and values, while providing all the necessary information in a clear and intuitive way.

The website is a complete showcase of the school, offering a comprehensive overview that ranges from "Who we are" to details on the services offered, up to useful tools designed specifically for teachers. Thanks to a well-organized structure and smooth navigation, users can easily find what they need, whether it is information on individual Cambridge certifications, or details on ongoing events and activities.

Particular attention has been paid to compliance with accessibility and usability standards, ensuring that the site is usable by everyone, including users with disabilities or specific needs. By implementing responsive design and accessible features, we have ensured that the browsing experience is seamless and inclusive for all users.

Article Marketing

We have developed a series of informative and relevant articles, focused on topics relevant to the language and cultural education sector. Each article has been carefully optimized to include the main keywords that best represent the school's identity and offerings, ensuring greater visibility in search engines and competitive positioning on the market especially at a regional level.

Through in-depth research into search trends and the needs of the target audience, we have created content that responds to users' questions and interests, offering valuable information and generating interest in Academia Lingüística Internacional.

Furthermore, we have exploited collaboration opportunities with other websites and online platforms to disseminate articles, thus increasing the visibility of the school and the authority of its brand.

Thanks to this Article Marketing strategy, we managed to position the school competitively, ensuring greater online visibility and a growing influx of potential students interested in its educational offers.

Graphic Design

Understanding the importance of a strong and consistent visual presence is the basis for developing a distinctive graphic style that reflects and communicates the school's identity and values. From creating stylish and practical shopping bags, ideal for carrying materials and resources, to promotional postcards that capture attention and disseminate school information effectively, each gadget has been carefully designed to ensure a lasting impact.

We have produced personalized notebooks to offer students a useful and attractive tool for taking notes and notes, while the official school calendar represents an essential point of reference for students, parents and teachers, offering a clear and organized overview of events and activities scheduled throughout the year.

The approach to producing gadgets was characterized by particular attention to visual coherence and maintenance of the defined graphic style, ensuring that each element contributes to strengthening the image and reputation of the school.

Thanks to coordinated graphics and a well-curated line of gadgets, we were able to effectively convey the essence and uniqueness of the Academia Lingüística Internacional, helping to consolidate its brand and promote its presence on the educational market.


We are committed to developing an innovative and user-friendly e-commerce platform for the Academia Lingüística Internacional, offering students the opportunity to purchase registration for individual exams quickly and securely, directly online.

Through this platform, students have access to a wide range of options to select the location, exam format and desired date for each type of language certification offered by the school. Thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, they can navigate through the various options and make their choice in a few simple steps.

The payment process is made secure and immediate thanks to the integration with PayPal, allowing students to carry out transactions with complete peace of mind, with the guarantee of complete protection of their financial data. Immediately after purchase, the school secretary receives a notification email containing the complete details of those taking the exam and a timely summary with every detail.

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