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IWS Dubai 2015
Post Event Report


Piazza Mercantile is the protagonist of the II edition of our IWS - Italian Wedding Style project.


Piazza Mercantile was born from a common interest and brings together communication experts and agri-food producers, event organizers, around a virtual square, an online market place, a symbol of the Levantine attitude to exchanges with the Near East.


Dubai | Second Edition

IWS Dubai 2016 | Post Event Report
When experience becomes an opportunity for Italian entrepreneurs in Dubai

We lived for the second consecutive year the experience ofblaughs Show, the main event ofrange mongive itthemed wedding, exported Italian gastronomic culture and much more...

The 2016 experience in Dubai with Creative intelligence consists of three macro-moments:

exhibit, or the visit and exhibition at the Fair, within the most interesting stands based on the business of the partners we support


Tours, the moment in which merging with the urban and cultural fabric, more than a simple visit to the city, is an immersive experience

Experience, the moment in which to concretely confront the public and the local reality to present oneself to the world


The groupcreative intelligenceyou havehis referentsright atDubai; this is why thanks to our experts already present and rooted in the area, for our partners it isinstantly easierimmerse yourself in a guided and profitable experience able to immediately point toright channelsand atright peoplewith which to interface to grow or launch your business idea within such a profitable context for innovative ideasready to succeed.



City tours

We experienced the city and its wonders renowned throughout the world among which theBurj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the palm with the famousHotel Atlantis, theDubai Malland the wonderfulJumeirah, residential district of Dubai known for the very famousBurj al Arab.

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Tour è più di una semplice visita alla città, è l'esperienza che avvicina gli imprenditori al contesto urbano e commerciale, è toccare con mano il suo mercato e confrontarsi con le grandi opportunità di questa città florida.
Abbiamo visitato Dubai e le sue meraviglie tra le quali il Burj Khalifa, l’edificio più alto del mondo, Jumeirah con i suoi meravigliosi villaggi turistici, il Dubai Mall e lo storico Souk, il paradiso degli chef mondiali, è il “mercato degli ori e delle spezie” famoso in tutto il mondo.



10-13 February 2016

It is the moment dedicated to the experience inside the fair, the largest wedding in the Middle East; an event able to offer great and concrete business opportunities


We participated in this event as protagonists with a stand  exhibition dedicated to the brand Piazza Mercantile in which we gave visibility to ourproducts pugliesi. We have achieved resounding success both in terms of interest from the public and in terms of commercial partnerships with local entrepreneurs. Imagine a stand with the excellence of Italian and Apulian high-quality bakery products in the heart of the number one wedding fair in the world... we have created all this with and for our entrepreneurial customers.




the search for ingredients

With our Chef Luigi Popolizio we visited the famous Souks of the old city of Dubai, looking for local ingredients with which to enrich our typical Italian recipes.
An unforgettable fusion of cultures, aromas and flavours.


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Immersed in the city, in thepure experience of the heart of Dubai, we visited the famousspice marketin search of the perfect ingredients to prepare the typical dishes of the Apulian cuisine in a new guisefusionwhich captured literally everyone. An immersion in smells and bright colors like the culture of the place, a selection amongthe best local raw materialsbefore lighting the stove inside the kitchens of the most famous iconic hotel in the world. 




conquering Dubai

We have created a 100% Made in Italy finger food menu with our fine products imported directly from Italy.

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We believe that the best deals are those signed in an atmosphere of conviviality and openness to new cultures, experiences and mutual opportunities. For this reason we have decided to invite our Dubai entrepreneur friends and close contacts during the Fair, in a exclusive aperitif specially prepared by our Chef. 

An experience full of flavours, excellent commercial contacts and virtuous relationships for important commercial projects for our entrepreneurs and the new contacts made during the Exhibit. Lots of enthusiasm also from the insiders who proposed us to replicate our fusion aperitif on a larger scale... we accepted the challenge!