|Associazione Professionale delle Aziende di Trasporto Valori

When 2021

Where Italy


Services Web | Social Media Management | Ufficio Stampa

Category Professional


We are proud to take care of the external communication of Assovalori, the association that for 40 years has represented the companies of the Transport of Values ​​in Italy.


It is important for us to communicate to the public the importance of issues such as security and technology in the field of value transport, counting and cash custody.


For Assovalori we have dealt with:

Web & Social media management

Restyling, web design and development of the social strategy are central aspects in external communication.
We design and develop all aspects of a brand's digital communication.

For Assovalori we are dealing with numerous and important activities capable of increasing the reputation of a brand on the internet, with particular regard to the indexing and positioning of content on search engines, the management and updating of external social channels such as Facebook and internal such as WhatsApp and Telegram, and the related advertising authorization and management procedures.


Press Office | External relations and media relations

Taking care of external relations with journalists, institutional press offices, stakeholders, is essential to make a brand more visible and authoritative.

For Assovalori we are creating a structured campaign based on the client's communication needs, thanks to an editorial staff made up of journalists with years of experience and diversified skills. We are able to create and disseminate press releases and press notes, planning the release of articles and interviews on the printed paper, on new media and in the radio and television system.